Service Portfolio

AIM - Skill Development Initiatives

AIM is playing a pioneering role in the skill development movement in India, recognising the fact that with limited natural resources and a burgeoning population, India’s principal resource is its people. AIM adopted a set of guiding principles for its skills initiatives:

  • Capacity building while ensuring quality
  • Sustainable skill development programmes
  • Independent assessment and evaluation
  • Focus on employability
  • Global benchmarking

AIM – Training And Workshop

AIM delivers a customized portfolio of training programmes as well as consultative and advisory services to help member companies build internal competitiveness, enhance capacity and sharpen competencies. Working in tandem with Government, Industry and organizations, AIM takes forward a robust agenda to catalyse excellence, innovation, employability and productivity across sectors

AIM - Industry - Ngo Partnerships

AIM works to strengthen the relationship between corporates and voluntary organisations and to identify, document and demonstrate successful partnership models, and to build capacity for sustaining the partnerships sustainability through partnerships, The Committee holds interactive sessions for sharing of knowledge and experiences in building these partnerships.

Partnerships with over 150 NGOs across the country carry forward AIM’s initiatives toward integrated and inclusive development which include health, education, Solar energy, livelihood, diversity management, skill development and water, to name a few.

AIM - Conferences & Seminars

AIM organises several national and International conferences, events and forums which act as platform sectors to raise efficiency, productivity, excellence, and sustainability and customize global best practices in Education, Training, Human Resource Development, Industrial Relations and Corporate Governance, to enhance Indian enterprise at the firm as well as at the sector level.

AIM - Employability Skills

Management education and training has not kept pace with change in economy and needs to change to meet the challenges of business. The most challenging national requirement is the need to mobilize effectively the large young and qualified human resource. There is a huge gap between what industry needs and what is available in terms of skilled candidates / students.

AES would design and develop “Employability Enhancement Skills Program” to be delivered through multi model delivery methods, either by academic institute faculty or at other convenient location.

AIM- Intellectual Property Rights

  • To enable MSMEs from the corresponding states in understanding, Identifying & using Intellectual Property for Competitive Advantage.
  • Provide Services such as IP Protection, IP Awareness & Training, Counseling& Advisory Services.
  • To hand hold MSME for identifying Intellectual Property in their day to day business & leverage it for Business Excellences
  • To provide MSME, the strategic Management of Technology and IPR
  • To create a delivery mechanism for comprehensive awareness & training in IPR to all stake holders of IP in the corresponding states.
  • IPR Training and Awareness
  • IP Management Services

AIM – Startup

AIM Startup Mentorship Programme is an initiative of Alliance of Indian MSMEs . Startups bring vibrancy to our economy, create jobs and every startup is a hero working for the country. It aims at providing a platform to Indian startups to showcase their capabilities and partner with Industry.

We aim to leverage our extensive industry network to enable non-tech as well tech startups from any part of the country get off the ground and eventually scale-up. We will facilitate a host of services for startups such as assessing investment worthiness, providing investment score cards, mentorship, strategic investments, and access to incubators.

  • Skill Development
  • Training & Workshop
  • Industry - NGO Partnerships
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Employability Skills
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Start ups
  • Interaction with banks, MNCs and government officials
  • International conferences & seminars
  • Roundtable discussions and mentoring sessions
  • Inbound and Outbound investment promotions
  • Channelise finance and investment
  • Strategic business alliances with overseas SMEs
  • Marketing, branding and promotion
  • Awareness about government incentives and policies
  • Delegations and study tours
  • Research and market survey
  • Exhibition and trade fair services
  • ssues & problems with appropriate authorities

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