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About This Workshop

Team Building Workshop

Team Building is vital for all motivated, successful teams. It’s important to learn how to communicate clearly with in your team, resolve conflict, and work to the strengths of the team.

Our Team Building Workshop involves plenty of discussion, team building exercises and communication activities.

Customised Group Training

We offer this course as a tailored, in-company (on-site) programme, solely focused on your team.

If you’re looking for a public course that will enhance and develop your skills as Team Leader or Manager, we recommend our Team Leader Training course

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Workshop Benefits

Higher Productivity & Accuracy

When teams learn how to communicate easily and understand each other’s strengths, both productivity and accuracy of work will increase

Improved Team Communication

A key part of this workshop is strengthening communication skills and developing easy communication within your team.

Boosted Morale & Motivation

Participating in a team building workshop gives teams renewed enthusiasm and motivation towards working together to achieve goals.

Effective Problem Solving Techniques

Conflicts will arise in even the closest of teams. We address ways to resolve conflict pro-actively during our Team Building Workshop.

About In-Company Training

Tailored Training Solutions

We offer this Team Building workshop for group bookings or corporate, in-company bookings.

This workshop works particularly well for groups, as we can tailor the course content to help address any challenges you are facing with in your organisation.

Flexible Dates & Venue

In-company training minimises disruption to your productivity, delivering training on dates that suit you best.

You choose the training venue. We can come to your premises if you have space to deliver training.

Often, companies prefer to host the training in a near by meeting venue or hotel to ensure that participants are focused and attentive.

There are many benefits to choosing in-company training. Here are some of the top reasons to choose a customised, in-company course:


In-company training means that you can hold the training at a date that works best for your schedule, so there is minimum disruption to your team’s productivity.


Group, or in-company training is the most budget-savvy method of up-skilling your team.


When designing an in-company programme, we customise the course content to address your goals, challenges and priorities.

Increased Morale

Taking part in an in-company training workshop promotes productivity and team motivation in manyways.

Workshop Content

1 What Makes A Successful Team?

  • Understand the characteristics of a successful team
  • The importance of team building

2 Communication Skills

  • Basic principles of good communication
  • Recognising and over coming barriers to communication
  • Getting your message across
  • Effective listening skills
How to ask the right questions

3 Handling Difficult Situations

  • Addressing conflicts as they arise
  • Maintaining a professional attitude when resolving conflict
  • Developing a process for resolving conflict

Tailored to Your Needs

This is an example of our basic Team Building workshop content.

When we deliver this course as an in-company training programme, we will discuss your challenges and priorities in advance of the training.

We then tailor the course content to become more relevant and beneficial to your team.

Public Course: Team Leader Training

Team Leader Training - 2-Day Workshop

An effective team leader needs to be able to balance leading a team and working within the team.

This 2-day team leader work shop will equip you with the skills you need to achieve these tasks simultaneously.

You’ll cover core management skills including team building, problem solving, and communication techniques.

This course runs as part of our Management Training Course. Over 2 days, you’ll gain valuable in sight and feedback from experienced management trainers.

Management Styles

  • The qualities of a good manager
  • Understand different management styles and their impact onstaff

Key Management Skills

  • Planning and organising
  • Time management
  • Delegation skills and work allocation

Managing People and Team Building

  • Engaging with staff and building great working relationships
  • How to motivate people
  • Using motivational techniques
  • De-motivation: recognise the symptoms
  • Addressing problems effectively

Communication Skills

  • Gettingyourmessageacrossclearly
  • Communicatingwithconfidenceacrossall levels

3 Ways to Get Started

Talk to Us

You can reach us by phone on Free phone 9560067306/7019325417/ 9910513666/0120-4348362 (mon-Sat, 9.00 - 6.30).

We will always be happy to chat with you about the right path for your team building training.

Get a Tailored Quotation

To request a tailored quotation for your in - company team building training

We will be in touch with a detailed quotation fitting your requirements.

Ask Us A Question

If you’d prefer to contact us request to send us an email at

We’ll respond with the information you need.

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