Skill Development

AIM is playing a pioneering role in the skill development movement in India, recognising the fact that with limited natural resources and a burgeoning population, India’s principal resource is its people. AIM adopted a set of guiding principles for its skills initiatives:

  • Capacity building while ensuring quality
  • Sustainable skill development programmes
  • Independent assessment and evaluation
  • Focus on employability
  • Global benchmarking

Employability Skills

Management education and training has not kept pace with change in economy and needs to change to meet the challenges of business. The most challenging national requirement is the need to mobilize effectively the large young and qualified human resource. There is a huge gap between what industry needs and what is available in terms of skilled candidates / students.

AES would design and develop “Employability Enhancement Skills Program” to be delivered through multi model delivery methods, either by academic institute faculty or at other convenient location.